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evacuations begin in the morning as hurricane earl picks up steam and targets the eastern coast of the u.s. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. warnings are out from the southern coast to the mid-atlantic. in north carolina, emergency
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management officials are calling for an evacuation of an island starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. dangerous current markers have been put along the beaches there. high winds and rains are expected to hit the outer banks by thursday or friday. the surf already is extremely rough along the coast of central florida. waves there could reach heights of nine feet by the end of the week. lifeguards in that area have had to pull more than 100 people from the water since saturday. and hurricane earl's power is even visible from space. a nasa astronaut captured this image of the storm churning in the atlantic as it makes its way north. chief meteorologist doug cameron is tracking hurricane earl. what's it looking like now? >> well, there's some very good news out of this. and right now still a major storm. the 11:00 advisory, the latest advisory coming in, earl still winds of 135 miles an hour and still a category 4 storm. just over the last couple of frames, it looks like it's actually trying to gain some intensity. you say, where's the good news
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in that? watch the track. now making its way up toward north carolina as a category 4 and then switching to a category 3. and watch the latest trend. we saw this a little earlier. but notice this is now farther off the coast away from our area. we may not see any direct impacts from this. once again, the indirect impacts would be right along the coast. i'll show you who i think is going to get what coming up later on in my full forecast. >> doug, thank you. tonight president obama said it's time to turn the page. american combat operations in iraq are officially over. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on just the president's second primetime oval office address. >> reporter: more than seven years after the start of the war, president obama announced an end to the combat mission in iraq. >> we have met our responsibilities. now it's time to turn the page. >> reporter: offering a message of thanks to those who have served. >> at every turn, america's men and women in uniform have served
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with courage and resolve. >> reporter: he acknowledged tough times ahead with 50,000 noncombat troops in iraq and a war continuing in afghanistan. >> within afghanistan, i've ordered the deployment of additional troops who, under the command of general david petraeus, are fighting to break the taliban's momentum. >> reporter: and in what might have been the most speculated-about sentence of the day, the president mentioned a call to his predecessor before the speech, looking to end the debate along with the combat. >> it's well known that he and i disagreed about the war from its outset. yet no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops. >> reporter: there was criticism today. president obama's past opposition to the troop surge. >> some leaders who opposed, criticized and fought tooth and nail to stop the surge strategy now proudly claim credit for the results. >> reporter: but for president obama tonight, turning the page also meant shifting focus from sacrifices abroad to tight budgets at home.
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>> our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of americans who have lost their jobs back to work. >> reporter: promising the economy would now be his central responsibility as president. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, the white house. darcy spencer watched tonight's speech with some families who have loved ones overseas. she continues our coverage now. darcy? >> reporter: jim the women we watched the speech with have a vested interest in what the president had to say. one is married to a marine. the other has a boyfriend in the army. both are in the middle east right now. while they were pleased with what some of the president said, they found some statements concerning. >> i'd like to talk to you about the end of our combat mission in iraq. >> reporter: as president obama delivered a speech acknowledging the recent pullout of american troops from iraq, the loved ones who are still serving in harm's way were watching and listening closely. >> we've heard all day, all week leading up to this, it won't be a victory lap.
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and it felt like a victory lap. >> reporter: the speech raised a lot of concerns for stacy simon whose boyfriend, kevin doyle, is serving in afghanistan. >> officially the ending. it's not like he was ready to just close the book and say we've ended combat. operations. we're done. we're moving on, next page. >> reporter: she watched the speech with her friend and coworker, christian, whose husband, john, is also serving in afghanistan. >> i appreciated his obvious appreciation to the troops and his acknowledgment of the service and sacrifice of the troops and their families. >> reporter: both women found it troubling that the president brought the struggling economy and war dead into the speech. >> by bringing the economy into it, is he indicating that it's a problem to fund our soldiers? because i very much -- i want to be sure they have all the funding they need. >> as a military spouse, it unnerved me a little bit to hear
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that america is more interested in domestic issues right now than national security issues. >> reporter: both women say they wanted to hear a little bit more about the men and women who are still serving in iraq. >> there are 50,000 guys still there. there are families and there are soldiers that are going to wake up tomorrow and nothing changed. >> reporter: both women agree on this point. that obama's plan to continue pulling out troops should have nothing to do with fulfilling campaign promises. they want the soldiers to be able to complete their mission before they're sent home. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you, darcy. a funeral was held today for aled in afghanistan. ronald rodriguez from falls church was killed by an explosive device last week. he was buried at arlington national cemetery today. rodriguez was highly decorated. he received several medals including a purple heart. he was on his third deployment. there was a deadly crash on i-95 this afternoon.
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and it could cause traffic backups into tomorrow. the virginia state police say a tire on a tractor trailer blew out as that truck was traveling along the highway south of fredericksburg. it was near route 606. the tractor trailer ran into a guardrail and then hit several trees before it flipped over and burst into flames. the driver of that truck was killed. his identity has not yet been released. state police say the crash cleanup will continue tomorrow. police in montgomery county went door to door tonight. they're passing out flyers after an elderly woman was sexually assaulted in a senior living facility. the attack happened a week and a half ago at the churchill senior living center in germantown. police say an 86-year-old woman was asleep in her bed when the man climbed through the window and assaulted her. just two months ago another woman was assaulted inside her ground floor apartment right across the street. police are not yet saying whether the two cases are
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related. a woodbridge, virginia, man remains in jail after police say he took pictures of women's skirts at the potomac mills mall. police arrested 36-year-old mark lebel earlier this month the athe mall. officers say he used an electronic pen camera to look up women's skirts. coming up on the broadcast, the vote today a"controversial immigration enforcement plan in virginia. there's new video taken on the plane after two passengers were detained for possible links to terrorists. first of its kind store got ready to open in southeast washington. have you ever seen an animal like this? i'm john shriffen at the animal rescue league. coming up, i'll introduce you to watson, an amazing dog that's caught the attention of the d.c. police chief. coming up in sports, the redskins begin to trim the roster. al also, they make a move with malcolm kelly and find out why this nationals pitcher, his pe
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it's unlikely that two men from yemen arreed over suspicious luggage were planning a terror attack. that's according to u.s. officials. the men were put on a flight from chicago to amsterdam yesterday after missing a connection at dulles. one man had a bag containing a cell phone taped to a pepto-bismol bottle and a box cutter, among other items in his luggage. the second man had nothing suspicious in his baggage but was thought to be flying with the other suspect. u.s. officials now say the two men didn't know each other. they're still being held by dutch authorities although they have not been charged with anything. the commissioners in frederick county, maryland, have rejected a plan to establish an arizona-style immigration law in that state. board members voted 3-2 against the proposal today. it would have required local police to question criminal suspects about their immigration status.
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it also would have prohibited hiring illegal immigrants for day labor. still ahead, d.c. police chief's special connection with a dog. the humming noise that helps keep kids from happening out on the street. plus, the fires forcing people overseas to run for cover. we'll be right back.
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d.c. police chief katherine ranier is known for her tough stance on crime. but what many people don't know is her fondness for dogs. especially dogs that don't have a home. john shriffen has the story of the top cop wanting to find a home for a special dog. >> come here, buddy. come here. that's what he wants. this is all watson wants right here. he just wants to lay down and be petted. >> reporter: d.c. police chief has a soft spot for animals most
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criminals will never see. she has a history of rescuing shelter dogs and currently has five of them including a blind, deaf white aussie. the latest one to enter her heart, watson. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: an 8-year-old border collie with a rare birth defect that now calls the animal rescue league home. >> when they told me he was 8 years old, and somebody decided to put him out after the eight years. >> reporter: this x-ray shows his condition. he barely has a neck because of missing vertebrae. the ones he does have cause him to be about half the size of a normal dog. >> i've been practicing 20 years and i've never seen anything like this. you wouldn't think he could live like this. he's already within seven or eight years old and he's doing great. we don't have any reason he won't continue to be that way. >> reporter: for the past two weeks, the chief has come in to play with watson. unfortunately she can't take him in because her other dogs are
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too big and might hurt him. >> i just try to do the best i can to visit him and keep him company. i have a picture of him on my computer. and i show it to everybody i see and say, don't you need a dog? i think a dog with special needs make the best pets because i think they realize they need you as much as you need them. >> reporter: there are about 60 dogs here available for adoption. but chief laneer is hoping watson soon won't be one of them. she said she regularly checks in to see if anyone has taken watson home. if you'd like being that lucky person, head on to and there you can start the application process. in northwest, john shriffen, news 4. >> let's hope he finds a new home soon. several wildfires continue to burn across parts of europe after weeks of drought and heat. high winds whipped up a firestorm today. the incredible winds had people in this small town in northern
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portugal running for cover. at least 19 separate wildfires are burning in northern portugal alone, being whipped up by those strong winds. several homes have been destroyed. wow, you don't see pictures like that very often. >> no, you do not. >> thank goodness. and we're starting to see some wild pictures coming out of hurricane earl. >> yeah. you know, all eyes, of course, on first north carolina. they're under that hurricane watch. and then ee havenventually up t our area. right now i'm thinking no, and that's the good news. the latest track has now shifted the storm well off toward the east. let's show you what we saw during the day today. you know it was hot. we saw a high of 96 degrees. low this morning, 71. that's a 25-degree difference. 57th 90-degree day so far this year. even though it was 96 it didn't feel all that bad. i think humidity levels will be creeping up. right now 81.
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heat index around 84. humidity now up to 62% as the dew point rises. it normally does during this time of night. tomorrow morning waking up to around 71 degrees. 84 by 10:00. and then sunny and hot once again. high around 95. 92. by around 6:00. but i think we'll see a little more humidity. that heat index, maybe 96, 97. maybe 98 degrees during the day tomorrow. maybe even warmer thursday. high pressure continuing to sit and dominate here. we have not seen much in the way of cloud corr. that's why we've seen all the sunshine and heat as well. earl, down to the south. the latest advisory still has it as a category 4 hurricane. very, very strong. and it's going to continue to makity way up toward the north and west. right now it's moving to the north and west at about 13 miles per hour with those 135-mile-an-hour winds. making its way right to the north of the bahamas. then very close to the outer banks. but now starting to see that turn a little bit faster now. maybe away from the outer banks. and definitely away from our area. take a look here as it makes its
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path just around 8:00 friday night just off new york. off our coast say around 2:00 in the afternoon. well offshore now. earlier it looked like maybe 100, 150 miles, now we're talking 200 miles off the coast. and that for us means most of us will stay on the dry side. so the most likely scenario, washington, parts of virginia, or all of virginia just about on the dry side. most of maryland dry. it's the delmarva that has the best chance of seeing some of that rain and wind. again, most of it -- most of the day should be on the dry side as the storm tracks bilgts bit further off to the east. good news from this one. still going to see dangerous rip currents. tomorrow morning, clear skies again. a nice start. 66 to 71 as we make our way into the day tomorrow. the high approaching 95. unhealthy air quality as well. be mindful of that. 92 on thursday. definitely more humidity on thursday. so the heat index around 98. 92 on friday.
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slight chance. and then breezy and much cooler saturday. 80s both sunday and labor day looking dry and actually pretty sunny. actually a pretty nice weekend. >> get there friday. >> i think we're okay. >> good news. thank you, doug. coming up, malcolm kelly is
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one of the moss entertaining stories, where the marlins play, there's never anybody there. how do they still play? >> because people are going to the beach, man. >> i know. >> how do they support the team,
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though? >> jeffrey oria is in charge. until now we've got the money. >> the point, though, is that the nats played there tonight. >> they did. and the nationals didn't get the outcome they wanted but they got a bright spot. the date for strasburg's tommy john surgery will take place friday in los angeles by the same doctor that performed the procedure on jordan zimmerman a year ago. ironically in just his second start since returning from that surgery, zimmerman pitched his best game with the nationals. he faced a minimum 18 about theers, struck out nine. retired the side. bonifacio looking for the strike. next batter, hanley ra memirezr. we go now to the top of the tenth. the score, still 0-0.
11:24 pm
nigel morgan, 180 feet from home. adam kennedy is up. kennedy hits one to second. this should be a double play to end the inning. ramirez throws home. watch closely to get morgan. take another look. we've got the drawing there on your screen. morgan had room to supply. chooses to barrel into the catcher, ends the inning. bottom of the ninth. what's what? >> pete rose. >> trying to keep the game scoreless. hanley ramirez on second for the marlins. chad tracy singles, throws x ramirez. just like the last play, chooses to, they win it, 1-0. jim riggleman comes out and talks about zirmman's pitching.
11:25 pm
>> he threw strikes, used almost all of his pitches and i think it's an idea where he was pitching with what he had. the redskins released four including edwin malcolm. mike shanahan said he was disappointed he did not put kelly on the list to make a decision on the players' status. the reason is once a player is placed on the list, he tried to but reaggravated that season. he said the decision had to be made but he knows it was hard for kelly to take. >> i know it's disappointing.
11:26 pm
he has not been able to do that. he's done it in otas. you' i'm disappointed we didn't. when a guy comes in and you can't put him on the list. that's another conversation that i had with him. >> shanahan, obviously, disappointed. >> thanks, lindsay. coming up next, the new tool has so annoyin one word turns innovative design
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local business is using modern technology to try to keep the peace at gallery place. can you hear that? the anti-loitering device mosquito makes an irritating sound when things get too rowdy. this one is right outside the gallery police chinatown metro station. the owners of the gallery place commercial strip they say installed the device because the area is so busy. they're hoping to discourage anyone from loitering. apparently the noise is much more annoying the younger you are. so if you can't hear it --
11:30 pm
>> oh, well. >> -- that might be why. you might be overaged. the first organic grocery store east of the river will open tomorrow morning. you'll be able to shop at southeast d.c. >> we've been waiting on this one a long time. now just focus on my house. >> the store opens at
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everybody's noticing a really big spelling error down in charlotte, north carolina. take a look at this highway sign.
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in the word "independence," do you see it? okay. somehow d and n got reefrsed. north carolina department of transportation crews say the sign manufacturers made the mistake. it's their fault, not theirs. somehow it wasn't picked up by the workers installing the song. and that fixing them will not cost taxpayers any money. absolutely it is. "the tonight show" is next. see you tomorrow night. go

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